Mededu is a provider of digital education and teaching services

We focus on education, clinical reasoning, monitoring processes, customer experience, and the quality of care.

In a digital environment, we simulate healthcare processes from learning materials to customer guidance and from diagnosis to follow-up care and check-ups.

Patient simulator

  • Training tool for practising clinical reasoning and treatment decisions, created for the Finnish healthcare system.
  • Meant to provide doctors and nurses with confidence in their work

Triage / Care need assessment training

  • A training tool for assessing treatment needs, created for the Finnish healthcare system.
  • Mimics chat and phone work processes, spanning from doctors to customer service representatives.
  • Often, you don’t even notice that your conversation partner is artificial intelligence, as in this HTA case.

Prescription exercises

  • The tool is compliant with the Finnish ePrescription system for practising prescription writing.
  • Includes all prescription and over-the-counter medications available in the Finnish Drug Database

Lesson platform for flexible exercises and education

  • Multiple-choice and text-based exercises
  • Simulated patient encounters composed of multiple sessions
  • Lessons progressing in stages, providing feedback to students and tracking progress accumulation.”

”Effortless confidence in healthcare

Our products form a comprehensive solution that caters to the training and educational needs of customer service representatives to specialists.

Train diagnostic reasoning and treatment recommendations

Monitoring treatment recommendations done by students, nurses or doctors in a large volume is challenging, and heterogeneous patient cases cannot be directly compared.

Training on new subjects or processes

Training demands a substantial investment of effort, and monitoring processes prove to be challenging. Particularly within healthcare, the repercussions of errors and challenges not only incur financial and temporal costs but also pose potential risks to patient safety at their most severe.

Ensuring customer experience

Ensuring experience is challenging solely through retrospective feedback. This can be eased by scalable, real-world-like, and natural training tools.

Assessment of recruits

Assessment for chat and phone work is challenging without concrete test cases. Exercises based on real patients cannot be used due to patient data privacy concerns.

”MedEdu’s strong industry expertise, extensive networks, and vision make us the leading innovator in healthcare education and process management in the Nordics.”

Niklas Jalonen

CEO, MedEdu

Tomi Ylä-Soininmäki

CTO, MedEdu

Tuomas Lumikari

COO, MedEdu

We are particularly focused on education. All Finnish medical faculties at universities utilize our products!


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